League of Women Voters of Michigan launches election certification observer program

The League of Women Voters of Michigan is kicking off its Michigan Board of State and County Canvassers observer program, meant to observe the board’s election certification process and educate the public about its role.

Trained volunteer members of the League of Women Voters of Michigan will observe the certification of elections, and began with the primary. The volunteers will report their observations to the League of Women Voters of Michigan and report on irregularities. The League will report any issues to the appropriate government or legal source.

“It’s important to pay attention to the election certification process to protect our democracy and help ensure Michigan voters have a voice in who they are represented by and what policies are enacted,” said Paula Bowman, co-president of the Michigan League. “League volunteers are thoroughly trained on the certification process and will report any irregularities that could interfere with voters’ voices being heard.”

At least 100 volunteers participated as observers, covering 35 Michigan counties for the primary election and more are expected for the general election in November. A major focus this year is on counties where underserved communities vote.

“Our observer program was initiated during the 2020 election, amid lies that the election certification was unfair and incorrect,” said Christina Schlitt, co-president of the League of Women Voters of Michigan.

“This program helps to ensures Michigan’s election certification process is followed based on our state’s constitution and that the will of the voters is carried out.”

The League of Women Voters of Michigan will also hold a public webinar in October for public education on the entire Board of Canvasser process. More information on the webinar will be released later this summer.


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