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  • Cliff Hammond on the Fight for $15

    September 11, 2014

    By Jo Mathis Legal News   Dozens of people fighting for a minimum wage hike to $15 were arrested at a Detroit McDonald’s recently. The protesters are part of a “Fight for $15” campaign organized by labor unions. Jo Mathis of The Leg

  • Schuette urges FCC to protect consumers from phone scams

    September 11, 2014

     Attorney General Bill Schuette on Tuesday urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow phone companies to utilize call-blocking technologies that would better protect consumers from illegal telemarketing robocalls and phone scams. “Michiga

  • Thursday Profile: Nicholas Draugelis

    September 11, 2014

     Nicholas Draugelis was born in Ann Arbor and grew up in metro Detroit. He joined the Marine Corps in 2004 and spent 2006-2007 deployed in Fallujah. After his return from Iraq, he resumed his undergraduate studies in political science at St. Edwards Universit

  • Rural upbringing instilled lifelong values

    September 8, 2014

     By Paul Janczewski Legal News   As a boy growing up on a farm in rural Danville, Ill., there were not many distractions for John Conover. Nor were there many things to lure him into his future work life – except visiting the big city with

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