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  • Get to Know: Adam Linkner

    July 19, 2018

    Attorney Adam Linkner is a member of the Hooper Hathaway litigation team in Ann Arbor.

  • 'Awaiting Identification' - Author chronicles intersecting stories of dead bodies in Detroit

    July 19, 2018

    In R.J. Fox’s crime novel “Awaiting Identification” – set in Detroit on October 31, 1999 – the city of Detroit is more than just a setting; it is more of a character unto itself.

  • Case study: Law firm joins MLaw Innocence Clinic in quest to free inmate

    July 19, 2018

    More than 30 years ago, Escanaba resident Fred Freeman, was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 20-year-old Port Huron resident, Scott Macklem, a slaying that his attorney and the lawyers at Dickinson-Wright believe he did no

  • Success stories: How probate courts work to protect the people of Michigan

    July 19, 2018

    The Michigan Supreme Court recently released a report in conjunction with the annual conference of the Michigan Probate Judges Association (MPJA) highlighting the successful efforts of the state’s 103 probate judges.

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