Grant supports student mental health

A Jackson Community Foundation grant recently helped train Jackson-area middle and high school teachers in how to more effectively support the mental health needs of their students.

The teacher training was made possible by a $5,000 JCF grant from the President's Discretionary Fund and completed at the Jackson County Intermediate School District.

''The grant allowed us to train 31 additional general education teachers to recognize symptoms of mental health challenges students may experience,'' said Steve Sukta, JCISD's coordinated health consultant. ''Teachers also learned strategies to support these students so they can succeed in school. The ISD has supported the development of Coordinated School Health programs and services in local schools for the past seven years. Supporting students' mental and emotional health is a key component of this program.''

The Jackson County Intermediate School District is one of 57 educational service agencies founded by the state legislature in 1962. The JCISD provides educational, technological, finance, human resource, communications and other services and resources to 12 local school districts, two charter schools, and various parochial schools in Jackson County.

Published: Mon, Mar 26, 2012


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