Focusing on public defense reform


A delegation from Michigan presented “Collaboration to Restore Justice — the Michigan Experience” at the American Bar Association’s recent Summit on Indigent Defense Improvement. The gathering took place at the ABA’s Midyear Meeting in Florida this month. Moderator Dennis W. Archer (second from the left), a former president of the ABA and the State Bar of Michigan,  discussed the current crisis facing Michigan’s public defense system. He was a member of a panel that discussed the forward momentum to achieve public defense reform that has benefitted from the involvement of the bench, the bar, the Michigan Campaign for Justice and others. Joining Archer are: State Bar President Charles R. Toy; Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Marilyn J. Kelly; Rep. Mark Meadows, state House Judiciary Committee chair; Elizabeth K. Lyon, State Bar Director of Governmental Relations; Michigan State Appellate Defender Office Director James R. Neuhard; and  University of Indiana School of Law Professor Norman Lefstein.


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