Constitutional interpretations debated


– Photo by John Meiu

The Macomb County Bar Foundation and Macomb Community College recently hosted a “Debate on the Meaning and Interpretation of the U.S. Constitution” at the college’s Lorenzo Cultural Center in Clinton Township. Speakers at the event, held Sept. 17 on national Constitution Day, included (left to right) Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren, Wayne State University Law School Prof. Robert Sedler, Wayne Law Dean Jocelyn Benson and State Bar of Michigan President Tom Rombach. “Today’s Patriot Week event is a very exciting and challenging debate between myself and Prof. Robert Sedler of Wayne State University,” noted Warren, co-founder of Patriot Week. “We’ll be challenging each other about the proper role of the court’s connection with how to interpret the Constitution. I’ll be taking the perspective the Constitution should be interpreted in light of its original meaning and the circumstances surrounding the adoption of the constitutional provisions at issue.  Prof. Sedler will be arguing that we should be taking into perspective more modern circumstances as they affect the Constitution’s language.”


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