Author/lawyer featured at AABA brunch


– Photo by John Meiu

The Armenian-American Bar Association (AABA) recently hosted a brunch featuring attorney/author/photographer Matthew Karanian (second from left) at the offices of Ossian Law PC in Ferndale. Happy to welcome Karanian to the event were (left to right) Chairperson Lara Nercessian of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, AABA Secretary Kathy Ossian of Ossian Law PC, and AABA President Sevahn Merian of Black, Black, and Black PC.  Karanian is a second generation Armenian American who practices law in Pasadena, CA.  He has lived and worked in Armenia for several years as associate dean of the law program at the American University of Armenia, and as the director of the University’s Legal Research Center.  His latest book is 2015’s “Historic Armenia, After 100 Years.”  Other books include “Armenia and Karabakh: The Stone Garden Travel Guide,” “Out of Stone,” and “Edge of Time.”


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