Ex-Michigan justice running for U.S. Senate

MIDLAND (AP) — Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Robert Young Jr. has announced plans to run for U.S. Senate in 2018.

Young said he’ll seek the Republican nomination for the seat held by Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat. 

He disclosed his plans Monday at a meeting of local Republicans in Midland and immediately took aim at the incumbent.

“It’s time for a change,” Young said. “We said goodbye to the Obamas. It’s time for Debbie Stabenow to retire from 42 years of government-growing and job-killing policies. Debbie Stabenow loves government more than she loves us.”

He described himself as a black, conservative Republican — three words “almost never spoken in the English language.”

Young, 66, was on the Supreme Court for 18 years, including six as chief justice, before quitting in April. He’s won statewide elections, but a Senate race will be much different.

Supreme Court candidates are mostly promoted through TV ads and don’t talk about specific issues. 

Young will have to explain where he stands on a variety of topics.

“I’m not a no-government person, but I’m a limited-government person,” he said.

A message seeking comment was left with Stabenow’s staff. Young said she has made people dependent on government.

“You only have to look at Detroit and Flint to see what 50 years of liberal policy has done to those once proud, self-reliant communities,” the Detroit native said.

Lena Epstein, co-owner of Vesco Oil Corp., is also running for the Republican nomination.


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