Bar associations compete for Pryder Cup


The Macomb?County Probate Bar Association and the Wayne County Probate Bar Association hosted the annual Pryder Cup Tournament on Aug. 9 at Lochmoor Club in?Grosse Pointe Woods. Among those taking part were (left to right) Jeff Burns, Patrick Derkacz, Rick Mroczka, Perry Koslowski, Walter Sakowski, Mike Gemmete, Justin VandeVrede, Jim Vermeulen, Frank Frontczak and Bill Cashen. The event, which started in 2007, is modeled and named after the Ryder Cup played by professional golfers from American and Europe. This year, the Wayne team won 4 matches to 2 matches for Macomb, ending Macomb’s three-year winning streak. Competition between the two associations actually began prior to 2007. Walter Sakowski from Wayne and Bob Szalka from Macomb originally came up with an annual softball game between the two groups, which was played for many years before switching over to the Pryder Cup. In 1996, a trophy was awarded for the winning softball team and the trophy is now awarded to the winning golf team, as Sakowski and Szalka decided to switch the competition from softball to golf in order to get more association members involved.

– Photo by John Meiu


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