Webinar examines '12 Ethical Mistakes Any Attorney Can Make'

The National Business Institute will present the live video webinar “The Dirty Dozen: 12 Ethical Mistakes Any Attorney Can Make” on Wednesday, Feb. 23, from 2 to 5:15 p.m.

In this program, seasoned practitioners share 12 of the most common pitfalls and provide attorneys with the tools they need to prevent them.  Attendees will learn how to identify the risks of falling into an accidental attorney-client relationship, review the dos and don'ts of setting fees, stay informed of the dangers posed by exaggerating credentials, and much more.

The course content includes:

1. Pitfalls and Perils of Taking on Too Many Cases at Once

2. Conflicts of Interest Catastrophes

3. Mismanagement of Client Files: Top Risks

4. Dangers Posed by Beginning an Accidental Attorney-Client Relationship

5. Using Unacceptable Litigation or Negotiation Tactics

6. Setting Unreasonable Fees

7. Refusing to Admit You Made a Mistake: Legal Hazards

8. Client Confidentiality Oversights

9. Engaging In Inappropriate Contact With Judges, Clients, and More

10. Failure to Understand Technology and Safeguard Client Data

11. Failure to Communicate With Clients

12. Exaggerating Credentials

This program is designed for attorneys. Paralegals may also benefit.

Cost for the webinar is $299 which includes the course book. To register, call 1-800-930-6182 or visit www.nbi-sems.com.


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