Stomp Out Bullying: County Clerk and staff kick off awareness campaign


Left to right: back row, Marcia WIlkes, Jeanne Pezet, Susan Degen, Michelle Tokarczyk, Alicia Hulka, Abbey Gannon, and Pamela Eisen; front row, Jennifer Sullivan, Jackie Horton, County Clerk Nancy A. Waters, Stephanie Wooster, Linda Smith, and Sylvia Moulds.

By Diana L. Coleman
Legal News

Nancy A. Waters, Muskegon County Clerk, and staff from both the clerk’s office and the circuit court records office joined with the National Stomp Out Bullying organization to bring awareness to this important and very serious issue. The two offices will wear the blue tee shirts shown every Friday until Monday October 5, 2015, which is “World Day of Bullying Prevention.”  This promotion will support the activities on October 5.

A nationally published report states that 1 in 6 students reported that they have been the victim of some form of bullying, or have witnessed others being bullied. The report also notes that 9 out of 10 LGBT students reported being harassed and bullied last year. Bullying occurs both in person and through social media.

The combined staff of the two offices will strive to bring awareness to this issue plaguing so many young people in schools and during social activities.
For more information or to get involved, go to the website