New State Bar of Michigan Section will focus on LGBTQA law

A new State Bar of Michigan section, the LGBTQA Section, has been launched to promote the fair and just administration of the law for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning people and their allies.
The LGBTQA Section will review law, cases, regulations and other matters that affect LGBTQ persons and their allies, and will write and educate the State Bar and the public, be a resource for the State Bar on LGBTQ-related issues and coordinate its activities with other sections and affinity bar associations. To accomplish its goals, the section will sponsor meetings and conferences of educational value and support the publication of articles.
At an organizational meeting that took place in January of 2017, the section elected a council: Chair Richard Roane, Chair-Elect Hon. Richard Halloran, Secretary-Treasurer Timothy Cordes and council members Lori Frank, Douglas Meeks, Meri Stowe, Laura Volkmann, Susan Klooz and Peter Kulas.

It costs $45 to join the section. Find out more about the by visiting