They’re Losing It

It’s well known that if you say something long enough it becomes fact in the eyes of the masses. Mama Cass didn’t die from choking on a ham sandwich, but I bet if you asked a hundred people “How did Mama Cass die?” at least half of them would say “Who’s Mama Cass?”; the other half would say she choked on a ham sandwich.

Waiting an hour to swim, the “double green Aztec supermoon” that won’t look this big again until 2208, and of course poor Richard Geer.  All fake, all somewhat believable.

Now we can add to that list “Conservatives are violent people.”

If conservatives were actually violent then liberals wouldn’t have to stage fake incidences of conservatives being violent. 

The thing is they aren’t even good at it.

Here’s the deal, there are cameras everywhere, if there aren’t cameras there are cell phone records, if there are no cell phone records there’s just plain common sense. “So as I understand it you were walking your dog and a total stranger in a Nazi uniform and a MAGA hat jumped out and gave you a Purple Nurple?”  “Yes.” “But you were in a public park with two hundred people and not one of them saw the assault.”  “They should all be impeached.”

Just today I read about a guy (or girl, he/she is a transgender gay rights activist) in Jackson, MI who set his house of fire in an attempt to fake a hate crime. Sadly five pets died. Not only was there video of the guy buying gasoline right before the fire, he had gasoline on his shirt and his cell phone records showed he was home for all but five minutes before the fire, that means the hate-filled Trump supporter had five minutes to break into a strangers house, douse it with gas, set it on fire, and split without anyone seeing him. Seems plausible.

Then there’s that idiot Smollett. There’s a reason he’s an actor and not a writer, because his plot was thinner than Oceans 13.  Just a couple white dudes in MAGA hats walking around with bleach and a noose at two in the morning waiting for a gay guy buying a sub sandwich and walking home in MINUS EIGHTEEN DEGREE WEATHER to cross their path. 

If that wasn’t hard enough to believe, these guys were IN CHICAGO and said, “This is MAGA country.”  They should lock the guy up just for that little dab of moronitude.

When the story broke my liberal friends on Facebook absolutely wet their pants, the hatred flying out of their keyboards both scary and impressive.  Trump was blamed, white people were blamed, conservatives were blamed, and when I posted, “Maybe we should hold on a sec until all the information is in,” they jumped on me like, well, like a guy wearing a MAGA hat at a women’s march.
Of course I was right again.

This isn’t a new phenomena, you can go back as far as Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse team, or Clarence Thomas.  Brett Kavanaugh, Roy Moore, The Catholic Kids, the girl shot in Texas where every witness said it was two white guys in a truck with Trump stickers on it (it was two black guys), the girl in Grand Rapids who said a white guy peed on her, the world’s worst pre-election bomber and on and on and on and in every incident it was proven to be 100% false. 

When Trump haters start to unload on their President the first thing out of their hate-filled mouths is, “He’s a racist, a bigot and a homophobe,” even though there’s not one shred of evidence to confirm this, but it’s been said so often it’s become as accepted as global warming.

How many times can you cry wolf?  How many times can Robin Roberts or Savannah Guthrie look like imbeciles before the members of the largest hate group in America (democrats) stand up and say “enough”? 

Apparently there is no limit (and no limit to the amount of liberals who don’t know what the word “impeach” means), so I don’t see an end to the madness. Our only hope is teaching our kids right from wrong and truth from fantasy. Teachers are so indoctrinated they’ll be no help which means the only hope is us, their...Mama’s and Papa’s.




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