Women for Whitmer chooses Muskegon for its launch



By Cynthia Price

A new grassroots campaign is underway to “unify women” — a combination of political support group and advocacy organization for sound policies.

Last Friday Women for Whitmer launched in Muskegon on the stage of Muskegon High School, and hundreds came from all over the state.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer herself appeared, giving a larger-than-life presentation about her budget proposal and why it is important to ask state representatives and senators to support her proposed gas tax in-crease. (For more visit www.michigan.
) The raise in taxes is offset by proposed income tax credits for those who will be hard-hit by the tax, and in fact there is also currently a proposal in Lansing to make the state’s income tax progressive according to income rather than the flat percentage tax we now have.

In Muskegon, leaders Phyllis Loudermill and Zaneta Adams joined Progressive Democratic Women's Caucus; and the Black Women's Political Caucus to host the event. Tashawna Gill emceed.