Protecting state's greatest resource: Attorney elected to board of Council of Great Lakes Industries

By Jo Mathis

Legal News

Attorney William J. Kohler is deeply involved in the Great Lakes. He's a boater with a sailboat on the Sandusky Bay, two homes on the water, a Coast Guard captain's license, membership in the International Shipmasters Association, and he's an officer of the Ohio Naval Defense Force.

As a member of the Clark Hill corporate practice and co-chair of its Automotive and Manufacturing Group, Kohler helps businesses achieve their financial and legal goals.

So it makes sense that Kohler was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Council of Great Lakes Industries (CGLI), an Ann Arbor based organization of U.S. and Canadian companies that are committed to the sustainable development of the Great Lakes Basin.

"It's a great organization that has a very worthy purpose," said Kohler, a Michigan native who fondly remembers fishing as a toddler with his father from a pier on Lake St. Clair.

"The Great Lakes are very important as a recreational resource and as a source of clean drinking water. Business and economic development are important, too. CGLI's goal is to advocate rational, reasonable treatment of the Great Lakes with all of those interests in mind. I think that's a very worthwhile objective," Kohler said.

"The Council advocates reasonable positions on Great Lakes water quality issues that are protective of water quality with due consideration for economic development.

"These are huge bodies of fresh water that are exceedingly important -- that's the water we drink and use recreationally," he said. "Ensuring that water is available to people for those uses, as well as to businesses for appropriate purposes, is destined to be a major 21st Century issue."

Kohler noted that tens of millions of people, and many major businesses, rely on water from the Great Lakes.

"To me, there isn't a resource in our backyard that's more important than Great Lakes water," he said, "so I find it compelling to be supporting CGLI in addition to my other activities relating to the Great Lakes."

Published: Wed, Nov 9, 2011


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