Snyder signs sex offender license, bowling bills


LANSING (AP) -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed three bills making it easier to permanently revoke the licenses of health care professionals who commit criminal sexual conduct, and a fourth measure protecting bowling alleys whose customers fall while wearing bowling shoes outside.

Snyder's office says he signed the bills Tuesday.

One bill allows for the permanent license or registration revocation for health care professionals convicted of first-, second- or third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Another lets offenders seek reinstatement only if their convictions are for fourth-degree offenses or for intent to commit criminal sexual conduct.

A third bill allows permanent loss of permission to practice if the offense occurred while the perpetrator was on the job when the offense occurred.

The bowling alley law protects against lawsuits when patrons wear bowling shoes outside.

Published: Thu, Nov 17, 2011


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