Five Natural Resources Trust Fund projects in Oakland County approved

The Michigan Senate last Thursday approved legislation allocating $24.7 million from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (NRTF) to natural resources improvement projects across the state.

The trust fund is supported by interest earned on funds generated from the development of state-owned mineral rights.

“The Natural Resources Trust Fund supports vital projects that improve the quality of life for Michigan residents and those visiting our state,” said Kowall, R-White Lake. “There are a number of projects in Oakland County that will see money from this fund, and this will benefit all of us in the area.”

House Bill 4078 specifically provides $2.9 million for the acquisition of approximately 314 acres of land in Holly Township for the creation and sustainable operation of a multi-use adventure park that would include mountain biking, trail running, off-road vehicle technical driving, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and scuba diving.

The bill also provides $385,000 for a $550,000 acquisition of a 10-acre parcel of parkland near the city of Novi’s western border for public recreational use including playgrounds, woodland pathway, and ball fields.

Three other Oakland County projects also funded by the measure include:

• $280,000 for $400,000 in renovations to one of Inglenook Park’s busiest facilities, the ball park, which has sustained considerable damage over the past 30 years.

• $127,800 for a $170,500 acquisition of approximately 15 acres of land to expand the Hickory Ridge Pines Park.

• $36,300 for $48,500 in development to construct a universally accessible fishing pier on Stewart Lake at Groveland Oaks County Park.

The NRTF uses constitutionally restricted funds to provide financial assistance to local governments and the Department of Natural Resources to purchase land or rights of land for public recreation or protection of land because of its environmental importance or its scenic beauty. It also assists in the appropriate development of land for public outdoor recreation.

HB 4078 authorizes the trust fund to spend $24.7 million to support 25 acquisition projects and 44 development projects. Matching funds of $9.8 million bring the total investment to more than $34.5 million.

HB 4078 now heads to Gov. Rick Snyder, who is expected to sign the measure.


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