Snyder vetoes bill that would limit use of parts

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder last Thursday vetoed House Bill 4344, which would have negatively affected market competition and driven up consumer costs for replacement parts on motor vehicles.

“House Bill 4344 amends the Michigan Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act to make a number of updates modernizing the Act that I support,” Snyder wrote in his veto letter.

“However, it also includes revisions relating to the use of certain aftermarket parts used for automotive repairs. As Michigan continues its comeback and continues to be a leader in promoting new technology in the automotive industry, it is imperative that we ensure all components of that industry can remain strong, including Michigan’s robust aftermarket parts industry.

“On its face, this policy seems to be intended to protect consumers and ensure vehicles are safely repaired. That is a laudable goal. However, this bill…limits use of safe, high-quality aftermarket parts designed specifically for particular vehicles.”

In his veto letter, Snyder also expressed concern that the bill would increase auto insurance prices that are already too high, creating a greater financial burden on Michiganders.

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