Company joins International Association of Professional Probate Researchers

Assets International, an asset recovery company specializing in locating missing heirs, oil, gas and mineral rights owners as well as other beneficiaries, recenttly announced that it has become one of the inaugural members of The International Association of Professional Probate Researchers (IAPPR), a pioneering organization committed to ethics and professional conduct in the relatively unregulated probate research industry. Company President Michael Zwick made the announcement.

The first regulated association of its kind, IAPPR is a professional body for probate genealogists providing a single authoritative voice for industry professionals. It was established to educate, inform and advise professionals and to help the general public seeking an experienced and reliable opinion.

"We have a commitment to protect our clients and to provide quality services and joining the IAPPR is an additional measure of assurance to our clients that Assets International adheres to a strict professional code of conduct and ethical practices," said Zwick. "We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with the IAPPR and its members on behalf of our industry."

Unlike organizations aimed at individuals and families looking to trace their genealogy, the IAPPR is a voluntary registered association which supports the corporate world of international probate research, including professional probate researchers, genealogists and heir hunters which focus on tracing the missing or unknown beneficiaries to unclaimed estates, assets and funds and are important members of the legal services industry.

Published: Wed, Nov 16, 2016


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