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From time to time it is necessary to periodically set out the current condition of the administration of justice and attempt to point the way to new directions that the courts could take to make improvements.

The American Bar Association’s newly released book, “The Improvement of the Administration of Justice, Eighth Edition,”  is a broad overview of various elements of the judicial system, mostly from a judge’s perspective, and how things have been improved and can be further developed. This new edition is divided into six sections:

—The Judicial System

—Judicial Officers

—Court Operations

—Case Presentation

—Specialized Courts

—Serving the Community

The edition is a resource for judges, court administrators, lawyers, and others interested in the improvement of our justice system.

“The Improvement of the Administration of Justice, Eighth Edition” is edited by Dr. Peter M. Koelling, the director and chief counsel of the ABA Judicial Division. He earned a PhD from Northern Illinois University; a law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law; and a BA from Trinity University. Koelling was a law clerk for the Texas Supreme Court and has worked in court administration at the trial and state levels in Texas, Washington, D.C., and Colorado.

“The Improvement of the Administration of Justice, Eighth Edition”costs $89.95 and can be ordered by calling 800-285-2221 or visiting


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