CYBERSPACE SIGHTING: Michigan Treasury Online debuts additional e-services

Michigan's business taxpayers now have even more options for conducting transactions with the state using Michigan Treasury Online (MTO), according to the Michigan Department of Treasury (Treasury).

Last month, the state Treasury Department's business taxes e-service platform underwent an additional round of upgrades that included Bulk e-File and Fast Pay Now. Businesses can now bulk e-File Sales, Use and Withholding (SUW) taxes using approved tax preparation software, as well as make fast payments for Corporate Income Tax, Michigan Business Tax and SUW taxes separate from filing a return.

"We continue to receive feedback from taxpayers about the services they would like to see Treasury provide online," said Deputy Treasurer Glenn White, head of Treasury's Tax Administration Group. "This recent upgrade was the result of conversations we had with the business community."

Other MTO enhancements include:

- Landing page redesigns featuring Account Services and Guest Services.

- Links to Collections e-Services.

- Increased W-2 upload capacity.

Through MTO, business taxpayers can:

- Create and maintain personal user profiles to access web services.

- Use a single sign-on for all MTO related services.

- Electronically register a new or existing business for Michigan business taxes.

- Manage registration information with Treasury.

- File and pay SUW taxes and Essential Services Assessment (ESA).

- Print and save tax return drafts.

- Manage payments and payment information.

- View and print all filed returns.

- Request fuel credit refunds.

- Upload W-2 and other wage statements.

- View Treasury-issued correspondence and sales tax licenses.

- Digitally file Form 151 Authorized Representative Declaration/Power of Attorney and Form 163 Notice of Change or Discontinuance.

Quarterly business taxpayers have until July 20 to file their quarterly SUW tax returns. To get started with MTO, visit

Published: Wed, Jul 19, 2017


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