Snyder signs legislation streamlining permit application process

Under legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Rick Snyder, applicants will be allowed to obtain a single, annual permit for the transport of oversized construction equipment and may store and present their permit using a mobile device. 

“Reducing burdensome permit requirements for Michigan workers not only makes good economic sense, but it also helps increase workplace efficiency,” Snyder said. “This bill also helps modernize the way workers present proof of holding a permit by allowing them to display their permit on a mobile device.”

House Bill 4644, sponsored by state Rep. Triston Cole, streamlines the permit process for transporting oversized or overweight construction equipment. The bill requires that the Michigan Department of Transportation allow applicants to obtain an annual permit for the movement of construction equipment that exceeds the size, load, or size and load maximums specified for a power unit without requiring a separate permit for each individual piece of equipment transported. The bill also allows the permit holder to store and present the permit using a mobile device. It is now Public Act 17 of 2018.

Snyder also signed one additional bill:

• Senate Bill 409, sponsored by state Sen. Tom Casperson, revises the fee structure for private, noncommercial, single-family residential boat harbors on Great Lakes bottomlands. It is now Public Act 18 of 2018.

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