Aysha Kasham combines business and immigration law

By Frank Weir
Legal News

Although born and raised in Ann Arbor,  like many from Middle Eastern families, Aysha Kasham inherited a rich cultural heritage.
And one that she admires and maintains.

The daughter of parents who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s from the West Bank territories of Palestine, Aysha is the oldest of six children, and went on to complete college and law school. Attaining a higher education was something her parents never had the opportunity to do and always dreamed of this for their children.

“At one time, my father worked three jobs to support the family and eventually established a commercial cleaning business, JNS Cleaning,” Kasham said.

Kasham and her siblings all found themselves helping with the daily operations and management of the business during their upbringing.

“That experience really instilled a sense of entrepreneurship in all of us,” she said.

“And it also taught us the value of hard work.”

In fact, all her siblings (who all graduated from college too) have modeled that ethic.

Jamal and Matt are involved in the residential property management market while Muayad is owner and manager of Superior Lawn Care and Snow Removal in Ann Arbor.

Mohammad is an executive officer of JNS Facilities Maintenance, the expanded version of JNS Cleaning, which now boasts a wide spectrum of clients including the new “Big House” suites.

But law school was the ultimate dream for Aysha even as a youngster.

“The law affects our daily lives and encompasses a wide spectrum of issues ranging from governmental regulation of energy, financial transactions, immigration, consumer protectionrights, to dealing, on a more personal level, with, estate planning, employment and family law matters.

“The ability to assist in building bridges and relationships has been a personal commitment of mine as well as finding successful solutions whether it is for the client who is seeking to establish his or her own service business or the neighbor next door who wants to become a U.S. citizen.”

After graduation from the University of Michigan, majoring in economics, Kasham worked for the business and finance team of the University of Michigan for over four years providing assistance to the treasurer’s office and the accounts payable and procurement department.

She is fluent in Arabic and Spanish and is a member of the Arab American Women’s Business Council and the Association of Corporate Counsel, among others.

Admitted to the bar in 2008 after graduating from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, Kasham was able to combine her love of the law with her business acumen when she established a solo practice, AJK Law, PLLC.

She specializes in immigration and business/commercial law.

“Both of these practice areas are important not only to me but also to the local and state economy.

“The local community, specifically, the southeastern region of the state has the ability to attract and retain talented and creative entrepreneurs, innovators, and immigrants to help revitalize the Michigan economy.”

And, like Kasham’s family history, she notes that, “Statistics show that foreign born new residents have a high level of education and an interest and ambition to start new companies. We need to consider that as a key part in our plans to revive Michigan’s economy.”

As an Ann Arbor native, Kasham never considered practicing anywhere else, even though the legal job market is a tough one here.

“This is home for me and I take tremendous pride in being part of such a vibrant and diverse community where exceptional learning, teaching, and research take place. Given my background, I feel fortunate to be enriched by such a culturally diverse and intellectual community.”

And although many decry the abundance of lawyers currently, and the tight legal job market, Kasham is firm in her belief that potential law students need to chase their professional dreams.

“Law school, unlike other graduate or professional schools, provides endless opportunities for its graduates. And for those considering it, I would encourage them to be open-minded, as having a law degree can open many doors beside those that lead to a courtroom.

“The experiences gained from a legal education are invaluable and it provides the tools to do what it is they feel passionate about doing, whether it’s being a judge,  zealous advocate, litigator, public servant, or business owner.”

And her bottom line for the recent grad? “Remain vigilant, keep your head up, and follow your heart. The rest will soon follow.”

Kasham can be reached at:

455 E. Eisenhower Pkwy,
Suite 125
Ann Arbor, MI  48108
Tel: (734) 761-4900
Fax: (734) 761-4901
E-mail: ajkasham@akashamlaw.com
Website: www.akashamlaw.com


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