iPads for all! Law firm encourages tech upgrades with bonus

Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss, a Southfield based law firm, has provided 44 of its attorneys and paralegals with an Apple gift certificate to update or upgrade their personal technology. This is in addition to the firm's regular year-end bonus program. "The decision to invest in our team's technology was an easy one," says Jaffe CEO Richard Zussman, an alumnus of the University of Michigan Law School. "For the past several years we have hosted regular interactive seminars on the evolution of new technologies and how our people can best leverage them. From mobile devices and social media and monitoring, to the application of iPads and their apps, we are focused on providing in-house training sessions and leveraging the very latest in best technology practices." The firm provided the individuals with $750 gift certificates with the suggestion that each of them either purchase or upgrade an existing iPad. In the event in which the attorney or paralegal already had an iPad, it was suggested that the certificate be used to upgrade another technology that would best allow them to stay connected to both their clients and the office. "Beyond e-mail and search, the iPad is the perfect mobile tool for accessing our firm's document management system application from the road," says Jaffe partner David Williams. "We can access literally millions of documents in a matter of seconds." Zussman says that today's technology is "moving at the speed of 'send,'" a rapid pace that has profound implications for all of those in the legal profession. "Technology has leveled the playing field in many ways for law firms of all sizes, but it has also provided a clear, distinct and differentiating opportunity for those who fully understand its great impact on business and embrace it," says Zussman. Published: Thu, Mar 8, 2012