Webcast to look at 'When Estate Planning and Marital Agreements Collide,' Aug. 31

American Law Institute Continuing Legal Education (ALI-CLE) will present the webcast "When Estate Planning and Marital Agreements Collide: Validity, Enforceability, and Disclosures" on Aug. 31, noon to 1:30 p.m.

This webcast, co-sponsored by The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC), will address the issues that matrimonial attorneys see when estate planners draft agreements that do not consider how a divorce court may treat the agreement. These issues are magnified when estate planners recommend that married couples create irrevocable trusts for estate tax planning and asset protection. The presenters will also discuss issues that arise when estate planners for one generation agree to draft cohabitation, premarital, and post-marital agreements for the second generation.

Featuring three experienced lawyers each members of AAML, ACTEC, or both this program will explore:

• The problems that estate planning lawyers see when family lawyers do not understand how irrevocable trusts are administered or the fiduciary duties of the trustee.

• Why poorly drafted divorce agreements for the wealthy client often lead to undesirable estate tax and income tax results.

• Mistakes that attorneys in the other practice area make when drafting cohabitation, premarital, and post-marital agreements.

• Why marital agreements should be considered as an integral part of estate planning involving irrevocable trusts.

• Why matrimonial and estate planning attorneys need to work together to produce premarital and marital agreements that are practical and enforceable.

Cost for the webcast is $199. To register, visit www.ali-cle.org.