Attorneys will discuss 'Advanced Business Contracts: Secrets Only the Top Attorneys Know' on Sept. 1

The National Business Institute will present the live video webinar "Advanced Business Contracts: Secrets Only the Top Attorneys Know" on Thursday, September 1, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This webinar will go beyond the "nuts and bolts" and explore business contracts at an advanced level. The faculty will demonstrate how to take vital contract language, terms, conditions and clauses, refine them and customize them to a clients' unique needs and situations. Experienced attorneys will discuss real-world implications of seemingly harmless contract language to avoid injurious liability traps other attorneys have fallen prey to.

Along with hearing real-world examples and personal war stories regarding liability limiting provisions, attendees will learn how to:

• Avoid liability and indemnification traps that only seasoned attorneys are sentient to.

• Dexterously read between the contract lines to identify hidden liability landmines.

• Understand how to use "term sheets" in preliminary negotiations to minimize up-front costs, paperwork, and multiple "contracts."

• Explore in-depth often-overlooked provisions that avert future disputes.

• Get proven, concrete negotiation methods when discussions come to a halt.

• Discuss ambiguous contract language that may potentially provide ammunition for claims.

This program is designed for attorneys who are looking to take their contract drafting, reviewing and negotiating skills to the next level. Accountants and paralegals may also benefit.

Cost for the webinar is $389 which includes the course book. To register, call 1-800-930-6182 or visit