CDAM Spring Conference is slated to take place March 9-11 in Pontiac

The Criminal Defense Attorney of Michigan will present the CDAM 2023 Spring Conference, “The Game of Fundamental Rights: Your Rights, Your Way,” Thursday through Saturday, March 9-11, at the Auburn Hills Marriott, Pontiac, 3600 Centerpoint Parkway in Pontiac.

Thursday, March 9

• “A Is for Attorney” with Lisa Kirsch Satawa. (There is a separate registration and fee for this program.)

• “Your Case Issues” with Rhonda B. Ives, Jerome Sabbota (free for CDAM members only—walk in)

Friday, March 10

• “Announcements & Updates” with Arthur Jay Weiss, Kristin Staley, Kathy Swedlow, Bradley Hall

• “Fundamental Rights: Spin To Win, Your Life, Your Way” with keynote speaker William H. Murphy Jr.

• “Gold You Can Get from Police and First Responders” with Rick Hetherington, Michael L. Steinberg, Dennis G. Whittie

• “SADO’S Web of Knowledge” with Kathy Swedlow

• “False Confessions: Did I Really Say That?” with Harry Mihas

• “Juvenile Law: The New Road Ahead” with Joshua Pease

• “Work Product v FOIA: Discovering Hidden Gems” with Issa G. Haddad

• “You Can Always Get What You Want: Ideas for Obtaining Discovery to Win Your Case” with Kurt E. Krause, Marissa Vinsky

• “Chill Out and Relax: Yoga and Wellness for You and Your Client” with Marina Chupac, Jordan A. Zuppke

• “Competency to Proceed in Juvenile Court” with Dr. Carol Holden

• The Death of DRE in Michigan (At Least for Now)” with Barton W. Morris Jr.

• “Voir Dire” with Ven Johnson

• “Crafting the Message – How to Manage the Message” with William H. Murphy Jr.

• “Surviving an Overreaching Prosecutor: What Happens When A Prosecutor Indicts the Defense Attorney” with Joshua Treem

• 2023 CDAM Awards Dinner

Saturday, March 11

• “Michigan Law Updates” with Adrienne N. Young

• “Ethics: What Would You Do?” with Kenneth M. Mogill

• “Michigan Sentencing Guidelines” with Anne Yantus

Cost for the conference is $360 for attorneys paying their own way and $85 for law school students.

Some county/court funding units will pay for part, or all, of the cost of a registration. 

It is up to registrants to contact their local funding unit to determine what is applicable and what payment or reimbursement method will be used.

To register online, visit For questions, call CDAM at 517-579-0533 or email