New 'Justice System and You' SBM web page educates public about the rule of law

The State Bar of Michigan has launched a new webpage to help raise awareness and understanding of the rule of law. Called “The Justice System and You,” the page discusses the importance of the rule of law and how it applies to the public, lawyers, and judges. It also links to Michigan Legal Milestones that set rule of law precedence and includes links to other helpful resources.

Rule of law is the foundation of the American political system and, in fact, any democracy. It dictates that all people are equally subject to the law and that an impartial judiciary settles disputes.

“A civil society exists because, under the rule of law, disputes should be settled according to the established law of the land. And all people, no matter their wealth or power, are subject to those laws,” said State Bar of Michigan President James W. Heath in his “Respecting the rule of law” column for November’s Bar Journal..

 “The Justice System and You” page can be found at It is also located on the State Bar of Michigan website under the “For the Public” tab, “Civic Education Links.”