ABA offers book about resolving gerrymandering

A book from the American Bar Association’s Judicial Division, “Resolving Gerrymandering: A Manageable Standard,” offers a unique look at gerrymandering in the United States and a guide to solutions.

Written by Robert Schafer, a lawyer and professor of city and regional planning at Harvard University, the book is a guide to gerrymandering solutions without the entanglements of justiciability and political questions, focusing instead on the means by which gerrymandering operates. This novel approach is grounded in a comprehensive analysis of the Supreme Court’s reasoning and is applicable not only to partisan gerrymandering but also other unconstitutional inequities based on race, income, age and other characteristics.

The book covers:

• Congressional districts

• Political questions

• One person, one vote

• State legislative districts

• Gerrymandering

• A manageable standard for resolving gerrymandering

Schafer practiced law for more than 30 years and was an associate professor of city and regional planning at Harvard University, where he earned a Ph.D. in urban planning. He was a co-founder and former editor in chief of the Harvard Civil Rights–Civil Liberties Law Review. Schafer is the author of “Inequality: Piketty’s Capital in a Nutshell” and “The Suburbanization of Multifamily Housing,” and is co-author of an early quantitative analysis of racial and gender discrimination in mortgage lending, “Discrimination in Mortgage Lending; and coauthor of Housing America’s Elderly.” He is co-editor of the book “Housing Urban America.”

“Resolving Gerrymandering: A Manageable Standard” is available as a hardcover and eBook for $59.95.

 To order, visit www.americanbar.org/products.