Lansing Police Department digitizes social work case management

The Lansing Police Department (LPD) has taken a new step towards enhancing its response to sensitive mental health calls, domestic disputes, and other non-criminal situations. LPD became the first law enforcement agency to embed social workers within its ranks, digitizing social work case management and significantly enhancing their efficiency.

At the heart of this innovative approach is Casebook PBC – an SaaS human services platform with configurable, intuitive, and easy-to-use software. Casebook PBC leverages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud to provide technology solutions for human services professionals. It collaborates with organizations in critical sectors, including Child, Youth & Family Services, Crime Diversion, Reform & Re-Entry, and Abuse & Victim Services.

In 2019, LPD employed Casebook PBC's technology solutions to address the growing demand for non-crime-related cases, streamline case management and ensure data security, while also respecting client confidentiality. Casebook PBC was implemented in 45 days and has since expanded to encompass three dedicated social workers and interns. The Casebook system also facilitated over 450 referrals within the first 10 months post-implementation.