Lawyer trust accounts discussed


 The State Bar of Michigan (SBM) presented the “Lawyer Trust Accounts: Management Principles and Recordkeeping Resources” seminar on Tuesday, June 25, at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in Detroit.  

This half-day seminar featured presentations on how to ethically manage lawyer trust accounts, and effectively use forms, checklists, and other recordkeeping resources.  

Taking part in the program were (left to right) Erin Farler, SBM Professional Standards Investigative Counsel Danon Goodrum-Garland, SBM Professional Standards Service Counsel Nkrumah Johnson-Wynn, Karen Spohn, and Attorney Grievance Commission Senior Associate Counsel Rhonda Pozehl.  

“What we do here is we give ethical guidance to lawyers and legal assistants with regards to the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct 1.15 and 1.15A.  We also give information on record keeping duties under 1.15,” Goodrum-Garland said.  

“This seminar is a hands-on presentation so not only is it a review of the rules but we also provide tools and resources for the lawyers and their legal assistants to take back to their offices with them as well as sample forms and checklists,” Johnson-Wynn added.

Photo by John Meiu