Challenges of being a new judge


– Photo courtesy of WMU-Cooley Law

On Saturday Feb. 7, Oakland County 54-2 District Court Judge Maureen M. McGinnis (front, right) spoke during a professionalism event at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School’s Auburn Hills campus. The event was a collaboration between the law school’s Career and Professional Development office, Weekend Students Organization, and Women Lawyers Association.  McGinnis shared her journey from new attorney to her election to the bench with law students and guests. She pointed out the importance of professionalism and being dedicated to serving your community.  Having only worked five weeks on the bench, McGinnis provided a realistic portrait of the challenges a newly elected judge faces. “No matter how academically accomplished you are in law school, as a new attorney, you must remain respectful of your more experienced opposing counsel,” said McGinnis. “They have been practicing much longer than you.”