Community service, stock sale for Michigan man in can scam

FLINT (AP) - A Michigan man must sell stock in Pepsico and perform 450 hours of community service as part of his sentence for a $400,000 can-and-bottle scam.

John Woodfill of Flint appeared in court Tuesday, six weeks after pleading guilty in Genesee County.

It's illegal to return bottles or cans from outside Michigan for a 10-cent refund. But that's what the 70-year-old did - with more than 10,000 cans and bottles.

The attorney general's office says Woodfill must give up $4,000 in Pepsico stock and put it toward his $400,000 restitution. A jail sentence is on hold while he's on probation for three years.

Woodfill bought uncrushed cans in Indiana as scrap and returned them to Michigan to redeem the deposits. He had a partner in Brownstown, Indiana, who's now deceased.

Published: Thu, May 04, 2017