Commissioner to attend Women's Forum in Stockholm


Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson will attend the International Women’s Forum (IWF) World Cornerstone Conference to be held in Stockholm, Sweden from May 17-19. The annual IWF

World Cornerstone Conference invites a select group of accomplished women from across the globe to participate in this cutting edge forum. The conference provides an opportunity for the world’s preeminent women leaders to connect and share insight and ideas on a wide range of critical topics that impact international progress, business, economics, ecology and enterprise. Members gather to provide a network of support and to discuss ways to exert a positive influence in their communities.

“I am very excited and honored to attend this prestigious conference with women leaders from across the world,” said Gershenson. “It is fascinating to be with a diverse group of women with so many shared challenges in their communities. Although we come from different places, backgrounds and professions, there is a great deal of overlap in the issues that matter to us. Hearing global perspectives on these shared issues helps me better contribute to addressing them on a local level in our communities.”

Since being elected to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners in 2004, Gershenson has worked to empower women by forming the Women’s Advisory Commission for Oakland County. She also attended the IWF World Cornerstone Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

The IWF is committed to advancing women’s leadership worldwide. It focuses on building better global leadership across careers, cultures and continents by uniting a diverse group of accomplished female leaders through training, mentoring and connectivity.

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