Snyder signs legislation enacting alternative dispute resolution at Department of Treasury

Taxpayers who enter into disputes with the Michigan Department of Treasury will have the option to instead use the process of alternative dispute resolution prior to entering the litigation process, under legislation signed Wednesday by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“Utilizing dispute resolution prior to the litigation process will save taxpayers money, both on the individual level and by reducing litigation costs for Treasury,” Snyder said. “This is a common sense change that makes state government more efficient and accountable to taxpayers.”

House Bill 4976, sponsored by state Rep. Jim Tedder, creates the framework of an alternative dispute resolution process that either taxpayers or the Department of Treasury may initiate. It is now Public Act 215 of 2017.

Snyder also signed nine additional bills:

• House Bill 4502, sponsored by state Rep. James Lower, amends the Income Tax Act to clarify that self-insured workers’ compensation groups are exempt from the Corporate Income Tax. It is now Public Act 216 of 2017.

• House Bill 4420, also sponsored by Tedder, allows a development project to be amended to extend the time needed to complete the project and still be eligible for a pre-approved Brownfield tax credit, under certain conditions. The bill also zzzrequires that the project received a funding reservation for an allocation of the Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit administered by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) of more than $1.1 million. It is now Public Act 217 of 2017.

• House Bills 5164 and 5173 and Senate Bills 566 and 567, sponsored by state Reps. Bronna Kahle and Julie Alexander and state Sen. Dale Zorn, respectively, provide an exemption for the sale of dental prosthetics from the Sales and Use Tax Act. This exemption would cover all costs associated with dental prostheses, including lab expenses for parts. The measures are now Public Acts 218-219 and 220-221 of 2017.

• Senate Bills 631 and 673, sponsored by state Sens. Mike Shirkey and Joe Hune, respectively, modifies the configuration of a nonprofit dental care corporation’s board of directors and billing and payment requirements. SB 631 changes requirements regarding the composition of a nonprofit dental care corporation’s board of directors and SB 673 requires nonprofit dental care corporations to submit to certain billing and payments requirements within the Insurance Code. The measures are now Public Acts 222-223 of 2017.

• Senate Bill 649, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Shirkey, allows the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to implement up to three pilot programs to test the integration of physical health and behavioral health services. The Social Welfare Act requires specialty services and supports to be allotted from the basic Medicaid health care benefits package, which prohibits the State of Michigan from entering into a single contract with the MHPs for full Medicaid services. SB 649 amends the Act to exempt the three pilot projects that were directed to take place by the Michigan Legislature under the Fiscal Year 2017-18 appropriations act. It is now Public Act 224 of 2017.

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