Live Healthy Oakland program saved $85,000

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners launched Live Healthy Oakland in July 2018, providing residents with the opportunity to take advantage of discounts on prescription, dental and health services that may not be covered by insurance. Since the program launch, Live Health Oakland has saved residents a combined $85,000 in prescription, dental and health care costs. By enrolling in the program, residents can save an average of 24% off the retail price of prescription medication and between 15%-50% on dental and health check-ups, including cleanings, fillings, vision services, hearing aids, diabetes supplies and more.

“This program is intended to help Oakland County residents with the rising costs of prescriptions, health and dental care,” said Commissioner Penny Luebs (D-Clawson), who serves as chair of the Board’s Healthy Communities & Environment Committee. “I encourage people to look into the options provided to see if participating in the program will benefit them and their families.”

“We want to make it easier to live healthy,” said Kathy Forzley, director of Oakland County Health and Human Services Department, which includes the Health Division. “This program is another way that we are working to achieve a community where every Oakland County resident is a healthy person with better access to medical care.”

“This is real savings for people trying to afford their medicine,” said Board Chair David Woodward. “Much more needs to be done to address the cost of prescription drugs. As we continue work on this major issue, this program helps many save money on the medicine they need.”

The prescription discount card is available at no cost, and the dental and health discount cards are available for a low annual or monthly fee. Residents can learn more at There are no limits placed on use, no forms to fill out, no waiting periods, no age or income requirements and no medical condition restrictions. However, the Live Healthy Oakland Discount Program is not health insurance.

To register for any of the discount card programs, go to Anyone with questions about the prescription discount card can call 877-321-2652. For questions about the dental and health discount cards, call 877-573-2395.

Luebs represents the 16th county commission district, which includes the City of Clawson and portions of the cities of Royal Oak and Troy. She can be reached at 248-259-6208 or via email to More information about the Board of Commissioners and its programs is available at or by calling 248-858-0100.