Cooley Law School, Olivet launch state's first-ever LLM/MBA Insurance Program

Thomas M. Cooley Law School and Olivet College made their partnership official and signed an agreement launching the state's first-ever LL.M./MBA insurance program, creating only the second such educational program in the nation on Wednesday this week.

The signing happened at one of the state's most celebrated gatherings of insurance professionals, the Michigan Insurance Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Back in 2010, Cooley and Olivet formally agreed to establish coordinated curriculum programs aimed at supporting job growth in Michigan's insurance industry.

The partnership joins Olivet's Master of Business Administration in Insurance program with Cooley's Juris Doctor and Master of Laws programs.

''Our goal is simple; to make Michigan and Lansing national leaders in the insurance industry, a goal shared by the Lansing Regional Chamber and the Lansing Economic Partnership,'' said Cooley President and Dean Don LeDuc.

The insurance industry is a growing economic force in the Lansing region.

Insurance companies are responsible for close to 8,000 jobs in the region, and are expected to create another 1,300 jobs by 2014.

"Cooley is providing its graduates with interdisciplinary training for the insurance sector jobs of the future while working collaboratively with the industry to foster the growth of knowledge-based employment opportunities within our state," said Lisa DeMoss, director of Cooley's graduate insurance program.

"This innovative program provides an opportunity for lawyers and insurance industry leaders to share their expertise and insight while addressing new and expanding regulatory challenges confronting the industry."

"Olivet College has long been a national leader in insurance education and Cooley in the law," said Olivet College President Steven M. Corey, Ph.D.

"We're pleased to partner together to benefit our region and our great state at a time when economic development and programs of distinction are critically needed."

The courses will begin in January.

The Insurance LL.M. candidates must successfully complete 12 credits of required insurance law courses and a sufficient number of elective courses to earn the 24 credit hours required.

According to the course description, a student will need to complete a total of 24 credit hours with a B average or better for graduation.

The courses offered will include: Advanced Insurance Law; Insurance Company Formations, Regulation and Governance; Insurance and Risk Management (offered through Cooley partnership with Olivet College's MBA program); and Management and Organizational Behavior of Insurance Companies (offered through Olivet Surplus Lines of Insurance - through Olivet College).

Olivet College MBA courses are offered online and students must demonstrate work histories or comparable experience in order to enroll in these classes.

In addition to the insurance electives offered by Olivet College in connection with its Insurance MBA program, student may wish to consider the many offerings of the Corporate Law and Finance, and Tax Graduate programs.

The joint-degree program with Olivet College parallels similar arrangements that Cooley has with Oakland University and Western Michigan University for residents of both Southeast and West Michigan.

Other LL.M. programs that Cooley offers are corporate law and finance, tax law, intellectual property law, U.S. legal studies for foreign attorneys and a recently added self-directed LL.M.

The Michigan Insurance Hall of Fame was established at Olivet College in 1994 as a way to pay tribute to individuals who have made a significant impact on the ability of the Michigan insurance and risk management industry to serve the public.

Published: Mon, Aug 22, 2011


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