Schuette encourages victims to step forward if unfairly targeted by IRS

AG says IRS scandal strikes at the heart of American freedoms

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has called on President Barack Obama to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the widening political scandal engulfing the United States Internal Revenue Service in the wake of allegations that the IRS targeted certain non-profit groups simply because of their political beliefs. Schuette also encouraged any Michigan 501(c) (4) organization that believes it was unjustly targeted to contact his office.

"Allowing the IRS to act in this heavy-handed, un-American way will have a chilling effect on our very American principals of freedom of speech, assembly and participation in the public sphere," said Schuette. "Coupled with the secret targeting of reporters' phone calls, these recently exposed actions are chilling examples of a federal government bent on silencing opposition voices."

Schuette said that a special prosecutor is necessary to ensure an independent investigation that uncovers the extent of the IRS activities because it would seem unlikely that low-level IRS staffers decided to target these groups on their own.

Additionally, Schuette will help connect Michigan organizations which feel they were unfairly targeted by the IRS to federal authorities. The Attorney General's office will provide this information to U.S. Rep. Dave Camp, Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, for his review. Schuette encouraged groups to contact his office at (517) 373-1110 or MIAG

Published: Thu, May 23, 2013


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