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Attorneys may encounter a number of potential problems when preparing depositions. To address these issues and aid in making the deposition process smoother, the American Bar Association offers a new, concise and helpful guide.

"Avoiding Bad Depositions: A Simple Guide to Complex Issues," a new release from the ABA, is a user-friendly book which provides practical advice to help navigate the "minefield" of problems inherent in taking and defending depositions, allowing attorneys to avoid mistakes---and malpractice claims.

The guide addresses key concerns including why a deposition should be taken, what the attorney will gain, how to deal with all types of witnesses, and how to ethically prepare witnesses for testimony, among other important deposition questions.

"Avoiding Bad Depositions" is written by Janet S. Kole, a full-time author who splits her time between Boynton Beach, Fla., and Philadelphia.

Kole, a litigator for more than 30 years, is also the author of several other short ABA guides including, "Chasing Paper: The Keys to Learning About and Loving Discovery;" "A Brief Guide to Brief Writing: Demystifying The Memorandum of Law:" and "Pleading Your Case: Complaints and Responses."

She has also authored many articles for young lawyers on the basics of litigation practice.

A second ABA book will help anyone engaged with senior clients. "Working with Aging Clients: A Guide for Legal, Business and Financial Professionals" is by Carolyn Rosenblatt, a nurse-attorney-mediator from the San Francisco area.

Chapters are focused on: myths and stereotypes about aging; difficulties working with aging clients; common elder-specific issues; communication with elders; family conflicts regarding elders; and resolution techniques that can help keep issues with aging clients from escalating.

Rosenblatt combines her nursing perspective with her legal experience to deepen the understanding of the aging client, presenting practical concepts.

Woven throughout the book are lessons from her many years of working with older people, as patients and as clients she represented, as well as in her mediation work.

Published: Thu, Jul 09, 2015


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