'Constitutional Issues in Delinquencies' set for May 17

The Youth Defense Project of the State Appellate Defender Office and Michigan Appellate Assigned Counsel System will present the webinar “Constitutional Issues in Delinquencies, Part II” on Wednesday, May 17, beginning at noon via Zoom.

Youth are particularly susceptible to the pressures of an interrogation and have a higher rate of false confessions.  The webinar will provide a presentation on Miranda, JDB, and statement suppression for youth.

Speaking at the webinar will be Josh Pease, the Youth Defense Project director at SADO/MAACS. 

He has been with SADO/MAACS since May 2022 after spending nearly a decade in private practice, with a focus on children’s law.  Pease is a leading voice in children’s law in Michigan, especially regarding youth defense reform.  He participated with work groups for the governor’s Task Force on Juvenile Justice Reform, is the chair-elect for the Children’s Law Section, and was recently appointed to the National Advisory Board for The Gault Center.  Pease also chairs the Youth Defense Project’s Advisory Board.   

To register for the webinar, visit www.sado.org/go/condel2. Anyone with questions should contact Josh Pease at jpease@sado.org.