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  • Michigan to continue juvenile justice reform momentum thanks to federal funding boost

    March 04, 2024

    The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will expand treatment options in local communities for youth involved in or at-risk of being involved in the juvenile justice system through an $825,000 federal grant.

  • Cop’s mistake leads to $320K deal with Japanese man wrongly accused of drunken driving

    March 04, 2024

    A Michigan village has agreed to a $320,000 settlement with a man from Japan who was wrongly accused of drunken driving after a police officer badly misread a breath test, court records show.

  • Remembering the 1932 Ford Hunger March

    March 04, 2024

    The intersection of Fort Street and Oakwood Boulevard in southwest Detroit today functions mostly as a thoroughfare for trucks and commuters.

  • Daily Briefs

    March 04, 2024

    The legal education arm of the American Bar Association declined on Feb. 22 to grant the JD-Next admissions test parity with the LSAT and the GRE, deciding to continue the policy of issuing variances for its use while collecting more data on its reliability as a predictor of law school outcomes.

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