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Over $3000 in prizes available for SBM 2013 Law Day Contest

The State Bar of Michigan's second annual Law Day creative contest is now open.

Participants have until 5 p.m. April 5 to submit an entry illustrating the 2013 Law Day Theme, “Michigan—Realizing the Dream: Equality for All,” using content from one or more Michigan Legal Mile-stones. The Michigan Legal Milestones program was created in 1986 to highlight the state’s important cases, laws, and individuals. Plaques commemorating the history of each of the 38 milestones have been placed throughout the state. Participants may utilize any Michigan Legal Milestone in their submission, but four suggested milestones to consider include “Murphy's Dissent,” “One Person, One Vote,” “Sojourner Truth,” and the “Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.” Read more about the Michigan Legal Milestones program at www.michbar.org.

Contestants should tie one or more milestones to the 2013 theme in a creative project. Examples of creative projects include essays, debates, mock trials, podcasts, dramatic or musical plays, re-enactments, short documentaries, board games, video games, and more. Electronic submissions are highly encouraged.

Winning projects will most effectively illuminate or dramatize the significance of the Michigan Legal Milestone chosen, and explain how the subject of the milestone created a more equal playing field for all citizens. The winning entry from the 2012 Law Day contest was a re-enactment of the fourth Michigan Legal Milestone, the “Roosevelt-Newett Libel Trial.”

The $1,000 top prize will be awarded to one winner, up to two $750 second-tiered prizes will be awarded, and up to three $500 third-tiered prizes will be awarded. All winning submissions will be eligible for statewide recognition as a Michigan Model Law Day project and entry into the national-level American Bar Association Law Day awards competition.

The Law Day creative contest is overseen by a subcommittee of the SBM Law-Related Education and Public Outreach Committee,Margaret Krasnoff. Bart O'Neill heads the Law Day subcommittee.
For more details and contest rules, visit www.michbar.org/programs/lawday/home.cfm or call Samantha Meinke 517-346-6332.