First Lady Sue Snyder applauds Campus Safety Awareness Month ahead of summit

September is Campus Safety Awareness Month, and First Lady Sue Snyder is encouraging all of Michigan’s colleges and universities to continue raising awareness to ultimately put an end to campus sexual assault.

“I am proud of the work we have done here in Michigan to raise awareness about sexual assault on college and university campuses, however there is still much more work that needs to be done,” Sue Snyder said. “I encourage students and college and university officials across Michigan to engage in this issue and continue the fight to ultimately put an end to campus sexual assault.”

On Friday, Sept. 30, the First Lady will be hosting the second “Inform. Empower. Prevent. Let’s End Campus Sexual Assault” Summit at the University of Michigan. The Summit will build upon the themes presented at the first Summit and will also be addressing:

—Incorporating student athletes and members of campus Greek life into the conversation of assault prevention.

—Starting the conversation with high-school students.

—Highlighting Michigan’s colleges and universities who received Campus Sexual Assault Grant dollars to launch assault prevention programs on campuses.

—Changing the culture surrounding assault.

To learn more about the First Lady’s initiative to end sexual assault on college and university campuses, visit:

Visit to sign up to attend the Summit (Registration is not guaranteed and tickets will be released on a first come, first served basis).
To read the official Safety Awareness Month proclamation, go to: www.michigan.