'Complete Streets' resolution passes unanimously--Board of Commissioners votes 25 - 0 for new road-building concept

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners took up the issue of "Complete Streets" last Thursday with a resolution supporting the innovative concept. The resolution passed the full commission 25 to 0.

"Complete Streets" is the design and planning concept for transportation and government agencies that includes all modes of transportation in the creation, construction and repair of roadways in the transportation network. The resolution was submitted by Commissioner Dave Woodward of Royal Oak and Commissioner Craig Covey of Ferndale.

The concept of "Complete Streets" recognizes the importance of multiple methods of transportation beyond cars and trucks, and is inclusive of pedestrians, bicycles, and public and mass transit. The popular new planning and construction system has been adopted by cities, counties and states across the nation. The State of Michigan has adopted the concept as have many communities in Oakland County, including Oxford, Oakland Township, Birmingham, Ferndale, Novi, and Clawson.

"Complete Streets" enable walking, bicycling, public transportation, handicap accessibility as well as cars and trucks, and offers the potential for improved public health, economic development, a cleaner environment, reduced transportation costs, enhanced community connections, social equity, and more livable communities.

"Complete Streets" can also reduce traffic congestion and reliance on foreign oil," stated Covey, D-Ferndale. He went on to say, "I appreciate the county commission for their support this morning, both Republicans and Democrats, and also in particular staff and members of the Oakland County Road Commission.

The resolution includes an amendment that adds two commissioners to the road commission's "Complete Streets" study group.

"With yesterday's announcement of a $750,000 federal grant to support 'Complete Streets' planning along Woodward Ave., timing could not be better," stated Woodward, D-Royal Oak. He went on to say, "Oakland County should be a leader in advancing efforts for non- motorized transportation planning. This resolution is positive momentum for adopting a 'Complete Streets' policy for Oakland County roads."

For additional information, contact Covey at (248) 721-6434 or Woodward at (248) 894-6650.

Published: Mon, Aug 22, 2011