Charities urge donors to take advantage of credit

DETROIT (AP) -- Charities are encouraging people to make donations as a deadline approaches for the expiration of state credits for such giving.

The Detroit News reported that the Credit for Charitable Gifts, which disappears Jan. 1, raised $100 million last year for Michigan charities and gave taxpayers more than $40 million in write-offs on state returns.

More than 250,000 taxpayers claimed one or more of the three Michigan charitable tax credits in 2010. They're aimed at state colleges and universities, public libraries and museums, public broadcasting stations, homeless shelters, food banks and community foundations.

Charities want to make sure donors claim the credit this year. They expect to need help to make up any shortfall after the credit ends.

The credit has been used in Michigan since the 1960s.

Published: Fri, Nov 11, 2011