Committee passes new ethics policy resolution

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners Human Resources Committee unanimously passed the Oakland County Ethics Policy which includes revisions and updates to the county's former "Standard of Conduct Policy." The new comprehensive Oakland County Ethics Policy was developed by the Board of Commissioners' Ethics Ad Hoc Committee consisting of Oakland County Commissioners Bill Dwyer, who chaired the committee, along with Commissioners Tim Greimel and Phil J. Weipert, and the county administration.

Dwyer stated, "Transparency in government is essential to the maintenance of public confidence. The Ethics Ad Hoc committee developed a comprehensive Oakland County Ethics Policy for county government with clear guidelines defining the ethical responsibilities of county employees, elected officials, appointees and volunteers. This policy includes those involving contracts, nepotism, conflicts of interest and incompatibility. It covers all areas that require vigilant oversight."

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the full Board of Commissioners will vote on adopting this policy which was supported in the Human Resources Committee.

"The new ethics policy will help ensure that elected officials and other county employees perform their duties with integrity. It provides specific guidelines for ethical conduct and establishes a mechanism to hold officials and employees accountable for any wrongdoing. I applaud my colleagues for working with me in a bi-partisan manner to get this done," said Greimel.

"We worked to pull all the county's ethics policies together in order to create a more current policy that addresses ethical issues and dilemmas that are reflective of our day," Weipert stated.

Members of the Human Resources Committee include Commissioners John Scott, who serves as committee chair, Mike Bosnic, Helaine Zack, Craig S. Covey, Bill Dwyer, Tim Greimel, Thomas F. Middleton, Beth Nuccio, and Phil Weipert attended the meeting.

Published: Tue, Jan 31, 2012