Militia trial defendants denied free hotel rooms

DETROIT (AP) -- A judge has denied a request by three people charged with trying to stir rebellion against the U.S. government to have taxpayer-funded lodging during trial.

The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press reported that U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts last Friday instead offered jail accommodations to the three accused of belonging to a militia called Hutaree.

Defendants David Stone Jr., Tina Stone and Kristopher Sickles say they can't afford to drive from their homes to Detroit every day. They range from about 75 miles to 115 miles away.

Roberts says the government can't afford the hotel tab.

Authorities claim they are among seven scheming to kill a police officer then attack the funeral. The defense says they're guilty of stupid speech. They are set to stand trial next month.

Published: Tue, Jan 31, 2012