Closing arguments today in serial stabbings trial

FLINT (AP) -- Jurors in Flint have heard all the evidence in the first trial from a deadly series of stabbings in summer 2010.

Closing arguments are set for today in the case against Elias Abuelazam. He's charged with murder in the death of Arnold Minor, a 49-year-old man stabbed near downtown Flint in the wee hours.

The last witness last Friday was a psychiatrist, Dr. Elissa Benedek, one of three mental health experts who said Abuelazam was not insane at the time of Minor's death. She says he may have a personality disorder, but that's not mental illness.

The defense has presented an insanity defense through the testimony of another psychiatrist, who said Abuelazam is paranoid schizophrenic who was at the mercy of "evil forces" when Minor was killed.

Published: Tue, May 22, 2012