Bowman officially kicks off campaign for Oakland County Board of Commissioners


 David Bowman has announced that he is a candidate for the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.

Bowman, 31, is running in the 10th District, which is comprised entirely of the city of Pontiac. 
Following are excerpts from Bowman’s comments made recently before the Pontiac City Council and to supporters afterward:
“I stand before you, the product of the sacrifices made by a grandmother who walked to work every day to provide for her six children and to make sure each one of them had security and a stable home.
“I’m the product of loving parents who built on the foundation of my grandmother’s efforts, and taught me that education is the key that opens the door to a world of opportunity.
“And I’m a product of Pontiac—its public school system, its teachers, its churches, and its summer and winter programs, where I learned to work in a group toward a common goal.
“I’m the product of all of these things. But I’m not special. My story is the same story that happens every day all over our city. The greatness of my story is that is a common Pontiac story.
“But we’re not hearing these stories. Instead, we hear about emergency managers, and all that’s wrong with Pontiac. That’s not our story.
“Pontiac has had its challenges, as have cities all over our state. But as the old saying goes, it’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up.
“And Pontiac is on its feet again, with a new mayor and dedicated city council members. We’re moving forward again.
“I believe I have a role to play in the new Pontiac. I have the education, unique experiences and life skills to serve our city.
“And, so, today, I’m announcing my candidacy to be your county commissioner.
“I’ve lived in Pontiac all my life except while in college at Florida State University where I obtained my Bachelors Degree in International Relations. 
“I returned to Michigan and earned my Masters in Public Administration from Wayne State University. 
“I’ve had the opportunity to serve on overseas trade missions to promote Automation Alley. I’ve pursue employment at the United Nations in New York. I’ve worked in the Michigan Legislature for Minority Floor Leader Tim Greimel as his constituent service director.
“I’ve also worked in Meridian Charter Township, within the Downtown Development Authority, where we devised strategies to encourage economic growth and job creation.
“And, finally, I’m currently employed as Community Outreach and Volunteer Service Coordinator at McLaren Oakland.
“I know what needs to be done to keep the new Pontiac moving forward. 
“One, the county must work with the city to create specific urban incentives to stimulate economic growth and job creation for Pontiac residents, and to expand our city’s tax base.
“Two, county spending must be examined to make sure our city and our taxpayers are being treated fairly and getting the government services that they’ve paid for. When I see county investments in other parts of Oakland County, I’m going to be aggressively asking why these investments are not being done in Pontiac—and fighting to bring them to Pontiac.
“And, three, that at-risk populations, in particular children and fixed income seniors have the support and protection they need.
“These three things—jobs, quality government services, support and protection—will be the focus of my candidacy.
“I am running against no other candidate. I’m running for the new Pontiac. And I will work hard every day during this campaign to earn your trust to be your next county commissioner.
“I’m David Bowman, and I’m ready to serve.”