Volunteers needed for Michigan's Foster Care Review Boards

The Foster Care Review Board Program, administered by the State Court Administrative Office of the Michigan Supreme Court, is seeking 25 citizen volunteers for membership on review boards located throughout the state.

Recruitment for board membership is year-round, but volunteers are encouraged to submit their applications by March 15. Interviews and background checks are required for all applicants.

A training session will take place in Lansing, April 30-May 1.

Responsibilities include reviewing selected cases of children in foster care, reading written case materials and surveys, and interviewing interested parties to the case.

Volunteers selected must reside within the county of their local board, are appointed to a three-year term, and are required to attend regularly scheduled review meetings one day each month, in addition to occasional foster parent appeals.

Citizen volunteers should demonstrate an interest in children and their welfare. Younger volunteers are encouraged to apply. The program would like to have as diverse a board as possible representing the county.

Michigan's Foster Care Review Board Program helps ensure safe and timely permanency for children in the state foster care system.

For more information on becoming a volunteer board member, visit http://courts.mi.gov/Administration/SCAO/Forms/courtforms/scao/Fcrb01.pdf

Published: Mon, Feb 23, 2015